WEDDA® – WEather Driven Demand Analysis

Weather influences the consumer behaviour in many ways and thus the demand for a wide variety of products and services. With WEDDA® we offer tailor-made weather-driven demand and financial analysis for companies. This may be of interest to the tourism and leisure industry, the beverage industry and trade, and the energy industry.

We support your daily planning with the following services:

  • detailed, site-specific analysis of your company’s weather dependency,
  • daily updated 10-day forecasts of your company key figures (e. g. turnover, sales volume, or visitor numbers) based on weather forecasts,
  • quantification of weather risks using financial indicators, and
  • weather-adjusted monitoring of your company key figures on a monthly or seasonal basis.

Your benefits:

Daily updated forecasts ease your planning of personnel, deployment of goods as well as warehousing and help you to save costs. Weather-adjusted key performance indicators provide you with increased transparency in the pursuit of your corporate goals.

Questions that can be answered with WEDDA®:

  • How do weather fluctuations affect my business performance?
  • How high is my weather risk measured in financial terms?
  • How much turnover can I expect over the next 10 days? How many visitors are expected?
  • How can I further optimize the planning of my staff or stock levels?
  • How did we perform when weather-related fluctuations are removed?

WEDDA® also provides support for your long-term planning. Using WEDDA®, we provide:

  • quantification of climate risks, and
  • assessment of investment options taking climate projections into account.

Your benefits:

In strategic planning processes of your company, it is recommendable to take into account the expected climate-induced changes in demand or supply of your products and services. This applies in particular to long-term investment decisions. Early adaptation to climate change offers competitive advantages.

Questions that can be answered with WEDDA®:

  • Which opportunities and risks arise for my company as a result of climate change and how can I optimally prepare for them?
  • Are my medium- and long-term investment decisions “climate safe”?

Information about WEDDA® can also be found in our product sheet: WEDDA® – WEather Driven Demand Analysis