Production & Commerce

Weather influences not only the general desire for shopping – bad weather days are often used for it – but also the demand for certain product groups.

With WEDDA® we investigate the influence of the weather on the demand for your company’s products and offer 10-day forecasts as well as weather-adjusted monitoring. Optimised warehousing and planning of resources helps you to save costs. Based on WEDDA®, hedging strategies can be developed.

WEDDA® offers support for, e. g.:

  • Beverage industry and trade – The demand for alcoholic beverages decreases on hot days, while the demand for mineral water increases.
  • Ice cream producers and vendors – Rising temperatures lead to an increase in ice cream consumption, while rainy days diminish the desire for ice cream.
  • Pharmacies – Cold spells lead to an increase in influenza infections and thus to an increased demand for medicines.