Manage your weather
related business risks.

”Thanks to WEDDA® we have been able to plan our staff as well as the purchase of goods in the gastronomy exactly 5 days in advance. Expressed in terms of money, this saves us several thousand Euros.”

Dr Michael Krainer, Holding Graz


WEDDA® determines the influence of the weather on your business processes and translates it directly into the key figures (e.g. turnover, sales volume, visitor numbers) that are relevant for your planning needs.

Daily updated forecasts ease your planning of personnel, deployment of goods as well as warehousing and help you to save costs.

Weather-adjusted key performance indicators provide you with increased transparency in the pursuit of your corporate goals.

Early adaptation to climate change offers competitive advantages. Consider climate projections in your long-term investment decisions.


On our online platform MyWEDDA you can access your daily updated forecasts at any time via your personal account. MyWEDDA works on PC, tablet and smartphone.

Our customers

Weather influences consumer behaviour in many ways and thus the demand for a wide variety of products and services. The following sectors are among our customers:

About us


LIFE - Institut für Klima, Energiesysteme und Gesellschaft

WEDDA® (WEather Driven Demand Analysis) ist ein Produkt der gemeinnützigen JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH und wird von einem engagierten Team der Forschungsgruppe Wetter- und Klimarisikomanagement laufend weiterentwickelt.